Hotmilk Who?

Founder / Host – Dominnique Karetsos

I’m Dom, a full time working Mum. Before the birth of my “wise-beyond-years” daughter, I had a career in business consultancy, management and marketing across several different continents. Starting my first business at 13 sparked off my thirst for entrepreneurialism that led me to work with lifestyle brands such as L’Oreal, Cutler & Gross, Cornucopia and O’Boticario as well as launching my own lifestyle and luxury consultancy. Now, I’m constantly morphing to find that work/life balance (isn’t everyone!) – having sold my consultancy to a bigger fish. I’m now a business engineer and on the  board of directors with  Blomquist & Nickel S.A ( and a broadcaster on BBC London by night and a mummy to a daughter 24/7.

Hotmilkpodcast came about when I was starved for information that didn’t make me feel guilty about being the perfect parent. I didn’t have time or inclination to read tonnes of parenting guides, that made me feel I was lacking. I decided to connect with other women experiencing similar mothers of meltdowns and realised someone needed to tell it like it really is and so the Hotmilkpodcast was born in 2014. Being sassy and opinionated in the warmest way of course (smiley icon), radio has always been a passion of mine and interacting with people on a personal level  is where radio is at its best.  I’m genuinely interested in the story our guests have to tell and to bring parents a programme where no stone is left unturned.

As you listen in, all aspects of bringing up children are up for discussion to give encouragement to other mums and dads that they are not alone. Our guests have ranged from well known authors, comedians, mumpreneurs, dating gurus, journalists to TV psychologists and bloggers – with an overriding Theme of uncovering the naked truth about parenting.

My blog picks up on the themes within the podcast and chronicles the musings of a mum trying to juggle family, love, career , sex and  life – all with a twist of irreverence. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts and up for a chat so I invite you to connect with me through my blog, on twitter (@Hotmilkpodcast) and instagram @Hotmilkpodcast (

Meet the rest of the team – I couldn’t do it without these lovely people

Ariella Petra

My daughter, was my light bulb moment for the podcast and a little gorgeous inspiration currently obsessed with pink. Aged 4 going on 40, she is constantly coming up with nuggets of wisdom which leave me with an OMG speechless expression – where on earth!   Am storing Ariella-Petra’s “mind-blowing”comments for her teenage years!


Kath Melandri

Kath is a phenomenon –  highly intelligent and my super creative business partner with 20 years of experience of working for the BBC.(link to her site?)   Her presenting and production skills honed from BBC London drive-time show and BBC news are invaluable for the podcast.  Her love of radio and a natural feel for broadcasting shows in the way she creates compelling, engaging programming.   She also enjoys the joy of drinking bottles prosecco with a long straw and chocolate cake –  a crucial part of the podcast creation.


Danielle aka Strawberry Shortcake, is my incredible assistant, who helps me run the admin side of things smoothly.  When she needs a break from the flux of emails and tech queries, she goes on a long walk with another Hotmilk member – our Springer Spaniel, Bailey – and gives him plenty of belly rubs.  Although Bailey won’t be contributing to the blog, he enjoys having his photo taken.

So kick off your shoes, pour some wine and join in the #Hotmilk conversation. Don’t forget to press the + in the top left-hand corner of the screen to view my product reviews and listen to the Hotmilk Podcast Playlist.

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