Hotmilk What?

Hotmilkpodcast is an honest, no nonsense monthly podcast about the realities of parenting to help ease a little of the guilt that is part of being a modern mum and dad.   Not afraid of controversy, guests have included well known authors, celebrities, TV psychologists, dynamic mumpreneurs, dating gurus, national journalists and many more.

Founded by sassy and opinionated broadcaster regularly commenting on BBC London and LBC, Dominnique Karetsos, each 30 minute podcast focuses on myths and realities of parenting to give encouragement to other mums and dads that they are not alone.   Topics have ranged from work/life balance, family holiday, sex after baby, same sex parenting to the impact of technology on kids and upcoming topics include depression, sleep and poverty.

Each month there are two expert guests to discuss a naked parenting truth.   There are 700,000 babies born each year in the UK and not every mum innately knows what to do, so Hotmilkpodcast is there to give them a break from blame, guilt and encourage them to listen in!

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