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In this world of crazy, how do I protect my baby?

I secretly barter with my God not to take me before my baby is all grown up. Instead I will chose to barter with my soul,convincing it to be present in every moment, not to give way and be led by the nose by fear . Instead to live with accepting truths graciously and to show my daughter that nurturing my soul now will mean my spirit will soar after. Through hope and faith talk with her throughout us living, that death is part of our life.
As for how long I have, ….Memento Mori !

Guest Blog -The Joys and Sacrifices of being an Entrepreneur

As a Mum and Wife, you’re already being pulled in multiple directions. From organizing everyone’s meals at the start of the day, to drop offs, pickups and the numerous house chores, the list can seem never-ending. But, you have a dream. A big dream. One that will change the world. How do you convince those around … Continue reading Guest Blog -The Joys and Sacrifices of being an Entrepreneur

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